Town Hall


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The Town of Hartford devoted several years evaluating options to address its outdated municipal offices that were housed in an historic 19th century school. After this lengthy deliberation, the Town elected to engage Bread Loaf’s Integrated Project Management (IPM) services for design and construction of a complete renovation of the existing facility.

The renovation’s design features an open, transparent lobby that connects the Bridge Street side of the historic building with public parking and Lyman Park. The building organization provides visitors and users clear orientation to Municipal department offices and public meeting rooms flanking the main lobby on each of the three floors. The renovated building is fully accessible with installation of a new elevator, entrance ramps and other ADA compliant amenities. Design emphasis was placed on creating healthy workspaces with access to daylight, fresh air, and outdoor views - each proven components of high-performance work environments. Representatives of the Town worked diligently with Bread Loaf to create a highly efficient design that resulted in a “Net Zero” ready energy building. The fully renovated Hartford Town Hall embraces its historic past while celebrating the modern era in which it was reconstructed.

Green Building/Sustainable Design

  • Net-Zero Energy ready building
  • No fossil or biomass fuel systems
  • Embodied energy conservation by preserving existing building materials
  • Energy Efficient Building Shell: R-20 foundation; R-40 walls; R50 Roof
  • High-performance air sealing of the building envelope
  • Indoor lighting uses 30% less energy than code
  • Outdoor lighting uses 90% less energy than code
  • Day lighting controls
  • All electric air source heat pump with simultaneous heating and cooling rated to -13°F
  • Point of use domestic water heaters for each bathroom
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Full DC control system for air source heat pump system and energy recovery unit