Landmark College

Science, Technology & Innovation Center


  • Excellence in Architecture Award
    American Institute of Architects, Vermont
  • Best Builder Award
    Outstanding Quality of Work and Effort in Building, New Construction, Innovative Sustainable Technology
    Associated General Contractors of Vermont

Bread Loaf Corporation (BLC) has worked very closely with me and the entire Landmark College (LC) community for several years, in order to realize a transformational Science, Technology and Innovation Center on campus. Every single request or concern or idea that I have had has been immediately considered and discussed with BLC, and every significant step of this project has been above-board and strengthened by our teamwork with BLC. Customer service, attention to detail, modern approaches, a blend of art, science, engineering, architecture: A truly powerful combination that BLC brings to the job.”

Peter Eden, Ph.D President Landmark College


Bread Loaf provided Integrated Project Management services for design and construction of Landmark College’s new Science, Technology and Innovation Center. Landmark College is the nation’s leading institute of higher education for students with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. The Science, Technology and Innovation Center transforms the teaching of STEM related studies for students who learn differently and serve as a physical and intellectual hub for education and research activities at Landmark College.

The 28,500 square-foot facility incorporates today’s most innovative teaching technologies in an open and contemporary learning environment. The Center’s main entrance and first floor lobby serves as a campus gateway, visually and physically connecting the west campus entrance with the main campus quad.

Learning spaces include: both wet and dry natural science labs; an innovation lab; flexible labs and learning spaces for mathematics and computer science; a 45 seat seminar room and a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) classroom. The new facility features daylight harvesting for classrooms and faculty offices, highly insulated walls and roof, LED lighting, an electric vehicle charging station, and a photovoltaic array on the roof. Monitoring of the building’s energy consumption is displayed in the main lobby.

Green Building/Sustainable Design

  • Over 90% of all interior spaces have windows that provide a connection to the outdoors
  • Highly efficient, well insulated, air sealed building envelope
  • Energy efficient mechanical systems
  • Improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency through the use of CO
  • Roof mounted photovoltaic array
  • Electric vehicle charging station