Town of Middlebury

Fire Department

I had the honor of being a member of the Fire Department Building Committee in Middlebury during their recent building project and wish to compliment and commend Bread Loaf for the superlative job that they did from inception to completion. Their planning and bond vote efforts were outstanding and were always highly professional, thorough, approachable and very considerate to everyone involved.

Dr. Kevin D. Parizo, Ph.D. Building Committee Member


The Town of Middlebury, Vermont selected Bread Loaf to provide Feasibility Study services to evaluate the Fire Department facilities programmatic needs and potential building sites. The Feasibility Study concluded the most desirable approach, from both a cost and emergency response time perspective, was to renovate and expand the existing main fire station in downtown Middlebury; and, demolish the existing fire station in East Middlebury and replace it with a new fire station on the existing site.

The new 2,100 square foot fire station in East Middlebury was designed to accommodate two fire trucks, turn out lockers, a toilet room and storage. The main fire station adds 8,100 square feet that includes four new apparatus bays, and a lower level containing a fitness room, mechanical space, and storage for two antique pieces of equipment. The existing apparatus bays originally built in 1978 were modernized. An existing meeting room, kitchen and lounge spaces located in the original 1930’s building were also upgraded. Technical rescue training is accommodated in the new two story high entry tower. The building was made fully accessible to those with disabilities by addition of an elevator. The new building exceeds the energy code requirements and the existing building envelope was upgraded to maximize energy efficiency.