The Automaster Honda and Mercedes-Benz

Additions and Renovations


Bread Loaf provided Integrated Project Management services to design and build a 1,200 square foot addition to The Automaster’s Honda showroom. The addition accommodates three new interior show spaces for automobiles as well as additional office space for sales people. The addition was designed to match the existing building both in form and materials. Construction of the first phase of the project finished three weeks ahead of schedule and daily operations within the existing Honda showroom were able to continue without interruption for the duration of the project.

In the second phase of the project, Bread Loaf continued to provide Integrated Project Management services for the design and construction of additions and renovations for The Automaster’s Mercedes-Benz showroom. Following the Mercedes-Benz Autohaus dealership design protocol, Bread Loaf designed a 1,400 square foot addition to expand the size of the Mercedes-Benz showroom and The Automaster service drive-thru. In response to Mercedes-Benz forward thinking and design requirements, Bread Loaf proposed a design solution that included a new glass curtain wall and new metal panels. In an effort to maintain a clean and consistent appearance for the building, the existing northern showroom was also clad with the matching metal panels. Daily sales and service operations for The Automaster continued throughout construction of the project.