Williston Police and Fire Stations

It is clear to me after our very positive experience with your company and staff, why Bread Loaf enjoys the fine reputation you have in the industry. You are true to your stated values of integrity and ingenuity.

Chief James N. Dimmick Williston Police Department


The Town of Williston’s rapid growth meant that their emergency service facilities needed to expand and be updated to keep pace. Bread Loaf was selected as Construction Manager for both the new 18,000 square foot Fire Station and 8,000 square foot Police Station projects.

Several years had passed since the original budget was approved and the cost of construction materials had increased. Working closely with Town officials and the Architect during development of the contract drawings, Bread Loaf helped find significant ways to align the budget with the scope of work.

The Town authorized Bread Loaf to begin construction of the Fire Station before asking voters to approve additional funding that would be needed to complete the entire project. The equipment bays were finished first, a partial certificate of occupancy was issued and Williston was allowed to park their fire trucks inside the partially completed structure. The Fire Station design echoes the architecture of nearby Taft Corners as well as the historic village center.

Voters approved the additional funding that would be needed to complete the Police Station project. Once the bond vote passed construction began on the Police Station, located on the site of the former Fire Station in Williston’s 150-year-old historic district. Bread Loaf, known for attention to detail, enhanced the overall Police Station design by duplicating in its exterior brickwork the unusual “grapevine” jointing used by masons to build the adjacent Town Hall.