The Automaster


Bread Loaf designed and built the original facility for The Automaster, Shelburne Vermont’s luxury automobile dealership, in 1984. In the ensuing years, we have completed multiple projects for this client, maintaining the original design language of brick, aluminum and glass, with natural light into showrooms and comfortable customer spaces.

Porsche Showroom and The Automaster Spa

In 2001, The Automaster campus was expanded north with the addition of a new building to house the Porsche dealership, as well as the Automaster Spa, a specialized shop for cleaning and detailing cars.


In 1993, a new stand-alone building was added to house the Automaster BMW dealership. This building continues the material language developed with the first building, and provides enclosure on the site for the primary exterior car display area.

Service Addition

Increased service business at The Automaster presented a challenging project opportunity for Bread Loaf in 2006. The Automaster was servicing an average of 120 cars per day in their existing service bays, and that work was not going to stop just because a new addition was being built. Throughout the Service Addition project, Automaster customer vehicles were provided access to the existing bays by a complex system of diversion barriers and timing of the construction work.